Monday, March 03, 2008

Pictures on Jalan Santai and English Club

Date: 2nd March 2008
Time: 08.00-12.00
Place: Lapangan Pantai Angkasa Pura Sepinggan, Balikpapan

On The Way

On The Spot

Meet my historical tree. My old friends and I used to spend our childhood there, playing hide and seek, lying, reading comics, hanging, climbing, jumping, we had great time with it. People said it's haunted, but we said it's gorgeous.

Where am I?


keep up the spirit kiddo!


(ki-ka) Mbak Mia, Miss Mars 2008, Mbak Nissa

(ki-ka) A Student and a teacher; which one is cuter?

Tentukan pilihan anda dalam polling SMS!

ketik: student(spasi)cute
ketik: teacher(spasi)cute
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menangkan hadiah utama sebuah mobil(mobilan) BMW seri terbaru!
buruan yah! :P

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