Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Passionate Confession


Here I am
In a jail of my own desire
To have you

Cant really take you out of my mind
For your shadow dancing in my brain
Guide me to the dreams

Maybe you don’t know
That I’ve been falling in love
Since the first time I saw you

All you have
The things that you give
Is nothing but a small heaven

You might forgot
The love letters that I sent
Since three years ago
Showed you how much I want you

But you rejected me
With no reasons at all

It hurts, but…
Baby, you should know
Im not a quitter
No matter what

I wont stop
Struggling to achieve you
Until you finally realize
That I do deserve it

I have given everything that you wanted
The best thing that I could do for you
So don’t let me down this time, baby

Ps. To the ADS committee, you might have got my application
That I sent two days ago, please put me in the short list, otherwise I’ll give another shot next year…. :)

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