Sunday, September 07, 2008


Apaan tuh di motormu? Kangkung?”


“Kamu beli kangkung? Tumben?”

“Bukan cuma beli doang, masaknya juga”

“Ha? Emang bisa masak?”

“Bisa, akhirnya....hehe”

That was a small talk with my friend at my office’s parking space days ago. We were off to home when my friend saw that plastic bag hung in my motorbike, and those questions popped up.

“Jadi sebelum ke sini, kamu mampir ke pasar?”

“Gitu deh”

“Jadi IRT neh ceritanya?”

“Ya, itung-itung latian sebelum jadi IRT beneran”

Yeah guys, I’ve been a house wife like since last month. Something bad happened to my mom. She had an acute appendix infection which made her had a surgery, and barely can do anything ever since. Poor her, and poor me too. For I’m the only daughter and my parents have no one else to depend on.

In the last four years, I only had responsibilities to both my bedroom and my job. I didn’t give a damn on anything else. My father was still working at that time and my mother took care of the house. Everything went on until my father retirement couple months ago and a calamity cropped up, my mom’s illness.

It could be happened to anyone else, or even worse. However I did doubt my self could overcome it, sounds weak huh. I was the most independent woman that I’ve known for my whole life, but taking over the family is another thing. My life was turned up side down at the very first moment. Whether I must cook and serve the meal instead of having morning classes, drop in a market before or after work, or deal with the house chores. Man, frankly speaking, it certainly new kinda thing for me. I even never imagine of having such a situation, but there’s always the first time of anything right? And thanks God, so far I can get by in that stuff.

This Ramadhan is the hardest for me since I handle the kitchen. My awaking problem is the only matter which maybe I have to sleep in the kitchen so my father can easily drag me to prepare the supper. But you know what? He’s always the one who gets up first, and he his self who warms the meal, then he wakes me up. Luv ya dad! :)

Pasar Butun: Tempat hangout baru..gyahaha..

Ada sawi di WARNET? sudah dekat sodara2! :P

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