Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All I Am

There was live music in Pasifica Food Court when I had dinner with my friend two days ago. We were in a big laugh until the singer started to sing it. Somehow, that damn-beautiful lyric dragged me to a blue-sentimentally mood. Well…I should admit it. I relate to this song.

All I Am

Who do you think you see

When you look at me

Is it somebody strong

Somebody you could admire

And who do you think I am

When I take your hand

Are you counting on me

To fill your dreams and your desires


Well all I am

Is lonely (just) like you

All I wanna do

Is have one dream come true

All I am is handing you my heart

And hoping to be part of you

Who do you think you are

Standing in the dark

Are you waiting for me

Why can't I reach you from here

And how do I get to you

Won't you let me through

Don't you think maybe we

Have something special to be shared


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